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Star WebMaster has devoted all its expertise and technical capabilities in the internet field to contribute to the provision of solutions and services that can be relied upon to a great extent in the development of internet marketing methods for its customers. This strongly achieves all the goals of growth, expansion and ease of communication between companies and their customers.


With our complete feature-rich e-commerce solution available for your business, you will have all the necessary tools and features you need to build a store and grow your online sales in the palm of your hand with the help of our excellent innovative Galileo e-commerce Solution.

Mobile Applications

We build mobile applications for Android and IOS Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads to get the best of mobile technology for your business. Our smartphone app development services is the top in term of efficiency and ease of use to suit all users. We provide you the best design and development of mobile apps that you need.

Web Development

We provide the best programming methods and the highest level of quality and innovation when designing your website. We give you all the requirements you need to start your online presence, including website development, domain registration and web hosting.

Managment Software

Our website management solution is the best to serve you with the help of our state-of-art Galileo Site Manager. It is an incredibly ingenious and integrated solution to add and manage more than 20 tools and interactive services to perform complex interactions in your website very easily.


Our business has distinguished its self in the internet field with it's quality and innovative design. We give every work an incredible amount of attention, accuracy and proficiency. We care about new ideas and provide the latest technologies so that the work comes out in a dazzling and attractive way.


Internet Dept. Establishing

Real Estate Network

Realestate Solution

Islamic Portal

Website Development

Const. Company

Hosting & Email Solution

Medical Portal

Website Development

Classifieds Portal

Content Managementt

Classifieds Portal

Website Development

News Portal

Content Management

Real estate Network

Realestate Solution

News Portal

Content Management

Medical Company

Website Development


Since the beginning of our launch in 1999, Star WebMaster has strived to become the best IT company in the region by providing a large variety of solutions for all business and non-commercial activities, as well as providing wide range of excellent information and internet services to facilitate the access of modern technology to all business sectors in the middle east. High quality, high performance and suitable prices is our motto.

  • June 1999

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Starting from the beginning and moving forward, we have achieved many years of success by creating many solutions and internet and intranet applications, which were sought out by many customers and have valuably contributed to the success of their businesses and achieving their current and future goals.

  • March 2002

    Galileo Content Managment

    The launching of Galileo CMS, a high-performance Internet application that supports Arabic and English and has stood out from all online publishing solutions. It uses new, advanced and highly effective techniques in controlling how to display various kinds of publications on the web and managing different databases regardless of size and number.

  • December 2009

    Galileo Site Manager

    The launching of Galileo Site Manager, the industry-leading application service provider ( ASP ) that delivers the most powerful and fully-featured remotely hosted web services and tools in the web. Services can be integrated easily into your website in a matter of minutes; with no programming or internet skills required.

  • July 2016

    Galileo Realestate Manager

    The most powerful solution specifically designed for the management of real estate development and marketing companies. It is easy to manage and market real estate properties and projects with advanced options that can cater to your every whim and gives real estate companies the opportunity to register and add their properties easily.

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